7 Week Review

Manning vs. The Colts

Manning vs. The Colts

7 weeks in and the Broncos are 6-1. A respectable haul against some decent opposition since week 1’s victory over reigning Super Bowl Champions Ravens including wins over The Raiders, Giants, Eagles, Jaguars, Cowboys & a shootout loss to the Colts in Indianapolis.

Meanwhile here on ‘7MillionYards’ the tumbleweed has been blowing through the site during this period. Isn’t it weird how life sometimes get in the way of sports! Sadly the early part of the season coincided with a family bereavement which curtailed any blog aspirations and the latter part had me on vacation in Florida which provided a great opportunity to watch the Broncos games at a reasonable hour for a change (not to mention the Breaking Bad season finale a full day before my buddies in Ireland!) in-between throwing myself around high velocity rollercoasters and scaring the life out of myself at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

I got to see the Eagles game in full from the comfort of my hotel room. Accompanied by a bucket of Mountain Dew and a packet of M&M Pretzels that could have fed a small army, I enjoyed yet another master class from Peyton Manning. And it’s been like that for most weeks. Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch the master at work. He’s a genius and not only that, he’s a genius that’s been given all the tools to create something special – an Artist with all the right paints, A musician with all the right instruments, a Pole Dancer with all the right shoes……I could go on. Welker, Decker, Thomas x2 & Moreno can ‘make it rain’ for this offense (yes, another stripper reference!) and in the main that’s what Peyton has been serving up for us: pure unadulterated scintillating offence. The shootout in Dallas was particularly amazing to watch from an offensive point of view (less so from a defensive one but more on that later). I watched the first half of that game from Orlando International Airport and then missed the most dramatic moments as I soared high above the Atlantic ocean en route back to Ireland.

And then there was the Colts. Before I start, I should point out that I didn’t see the game in full live. I managed the first two quarters on Sunday night before catching up on the remainder on Monday after work at which point I obviously knew the result, disappointing as it was. In truth, it was another impressive display from Peyton in the main despite the early knock from Mathis. More worrying for me was the overall defensive performance. I had high hopes for Von Miller’s return but it seemed clear that he was a little off the pace most likely due to lack of experiencing real match intensity in recent weeks which all the top performers need to keep match sharp. Make no mistake though, Andrew Luck is an impressive QB and it won’t be the last time we see a stellar performance from the young Colt vs. a good defence. Is there a lot to worry about defensively in Denver? I’m not sure there is right now but you’d have to expect that if the Broncos are going to the Super Bowl this year then repeats of Sunday night’s performance need to be avoided at all costs. Of course, very often in the NFL it’s the minute details though which can determine the outcome of games and the rushing play with Ronnie Hillman is probably one of those moments that if perhaps had gone the way we all hoped would have changed the tone of a lot of column inches this week. That is football.

And so to this week. The Broncos welcome the 2-4 Washington Redskins to Mile High this Sunday and will no doubt want to bounce back against RGIII’s side. Coming off the back of a tight win over Chicago the ‘Skins will certainly pose a threat to the Broncos and you have to believe that Mike Shanahan, who knows a thing or two about how to win a game in the Mile High City, will have them prepared. The Broncos are one of only two teams in the league to have scored more than 20 points in each game this season (the other is Buffalo – what fu*k!?) and I feel they’ll certainly need to keep that run going if they are to get back on the good foot.

My prediction: The Broncos will be too strong at Mile High vs the Redskins but with the defensive uncertainty shining through in both Dallas & Indy, I fear we will have another shootout on our hands! Whatever happens, enjoy!

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